Monday, November 28, 2011

Transitioning to Low-Carb Lifestyle

I'm switching up my approach a bit. Up until now, my plan has been:
-diet: no concrete plan, just reducing calories in general. Lots of cheating.
-exercise: cardio, cardio and more cardio

I've lost 18 pounds since September doing this, but I'm getting bored and need something fresh and effective. so I;ve decided to change to:

-diet: low carb (1-2 weeks of Induction, then transition to MODIFIED, realistic low carb lifestyle)
-exercise: man focus on RESISTANCE/circuit training to speed metabolism and body shaping.

My theories:
-the low carb diet will take the place of the excessive cardio i'd been doing to be the main factor in my body's weight/fat loss
-I'll have less energy (for the first week or two) on low carb, so lifting weights instead of killing myself on the elliptical will help ease the transition until my energy levels increase.
-focusing on resistance training will speed up my inch loss and body shaping!

I'm combing the internet all day today, between LHCF threads,, Low Carb Friends and Google, arming myself with information.

In the past, I've abused Induction by staying on it too long (just for the quick weight loss), and then abandoning the plan altogether to return to my awful eating habits. This time, i want to do it RIGHT!

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