Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September 27

Last week of September....I wanna make it a good one! I've got a costume party to go to this saturday night (the first of many)

On LHCF's Weekly Workout Challenge here, I signed up for 10 workouts this week! That means 2 a day every day, and maybe a bonus workout on Saturday before the party. I really wanna stick with it, I know i'll feel so proud by week's end!
I'm also planning to replace dinner with a protein shake after my pm workouts.

Monday: (lunchtime): 3 miles elliptical, tricep dips, lunges......(pm): Tone it Up

9:30: 300-calorie protein shake, activit multi

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September 20

I will not speak of the monstrosities I have ingested over the weekend. Moving on!

10 am: coffee w/cream, 16 oz water

11:30 am: 16 oz water, OEP

1:00: 3 miles elliptical, 32 oz water

2:30: protein shake, 16 oz water

5:30: protein shake, 16 oz water

Friday, September 16, 2011

September 16

9:00 -  4 powdered donuts (yikes) 250 calories, coffee with cream, activit multi 16 oz water

11:00  16 oz water

12:30 16 oz water, OEP, 2.5 miles elliptical

1:30 - 300 calorie protein shake (muscle milk peanut butter chocolate - OMG delish)

5:00 - 2 more donuts (-__-) 125 calories, 16 oz water, activit multi

Thursday, September 15, 2011

September 15


So i skipped my evening workout last night AND ate buffalo wings for dinner while sitting on my ass. And I'm in the 240s, hallelujah! It got me to thinking about this whole meal-replacement thing....It's super simple and easy to just consume liquids during the workday, and have a substantial evening meal when i get home. Maybe I'll keep this up!

I think this may be a form of intermittent fasting. I'm googling it all day to day to see what the secret is.

8:30  8 oz water

9:00 oatmeal, Activit multi, coffee w/cream

11:00 16 oz water

1:00 OEP, 2 miles elliptical, 60 bicycles/30 lunges, 16 oz water

3:00 protein shake

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September 14

Weight: 251.5 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woo-Hoo!!!! The period weight disappeared and THEN some. Oh yeah!! :-D

8:30: 16 oz water, OEP

9:00: oatmeal, Activit multi vitamin

10:00: coffee w cream

12:30 16 oz water

1:00 3 miles elliptical, 16 oz water

2:30 protein shake, 16 oz water

5:30 coffee w cream, 16 oz water

8:00 8 buffalo wings (bone-in non breaded) from pizza hut. 4 Mild and 4 Garlic Parmesan. 16 oz water

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September 13

Weight: 255

Cool. Lost a pound since yesterday. Probably would have been 2 if I'd committed to my evening workout. I'm continuing with the mostly liquids regimen all this week to see what kind of results I get. I actually don't mind having a protein shake for lunch, but we'll see how long that feeling lasts! lol

8:30 - 16 oz water, OEP

9:30 - oatmeal (with 1 tsp coconut oil), 16 oz water, Activit multi

10:15 coffee w/cream, 1 tsp coconut oil

12:00 16 oz water, OEP

1:00 - 3 miles elliptical, 16 oz water

2:30 - 150 cal protein shake

5:00 - 150 cal protein shake, 1 oz deli meat, 16 oz water

8:30 - 4-5 oz rotisserie chicken (with skin), 1 cup corn/green beans, 8 oz water

9:30 - Tone it Up! (1 hr)

Monday, September 12, 2011

September 12

AM weight: 256.0

Yikes. Didn't lose a pound over the weekend, and my target for today was 253. I'm upping my water intake to a gallon today to help flush out all the junk I ingested over the last 48 hours. Also planning to do 3 miles on the elliptical and a longer workout tonight (Shape it Up - 78 minutes). I'm excited to get back on track!)

10am: oatmeal, coffee, activit multi vitamin
16 oz bottle water (7 more to go!)

12:00 16 oz water, OEP

1:00 3 miles elliptical (woo-hoo!), 32 oz water

2:00 150-cal protein shake (instead of lunch), 16 oz water

5:00 150 cal protein shake

6:00 16 oz water

7:30 rotisserie chicken thigh n leg, 1 cup corn/green beans, 16 oz water

8:30 low carb tortilla toasted, 1 slice cheese

SKIPPED my evening workout because I got all caught up in Basketball Wives and Bad Girls Club. Dammit! I'd be feeling much better if i'd done it.

September 11

Sunday, rest day. No workouts.

Didn't do so hot on my diet (ate pasta, white bread, sweet tea, pop). Sigh....tomorrow is another day.

September 10

Saturday Weigh in: 255.6

Nice! I hardly ever lose weight while on my cycle. Good to know my hard work is paying off!

Only one workout today - Tone it Up (my favorite in the series)

Went to a party and ended up cheating quite a bit....fast food, vodka, kabobs,chocolate-covered strawberries....you name it, i ate it! i had a lot of fun but i know i'm gonna pay for this at my next weigh-in.

September 9

am weight: 257 (down 2.5 more pounds since the start of the week - yay!)

1st workout: 2 miles elliptical
2nd workout: Burn it Up

feeling much better, ready to drop some lbs!

September 8

Workout 1: 2.5 miles elliptical

I started my period today :(
After my lunchtime workout, I started to get real crampy and ended up skipping my pm workout and going to bed early. My weight is gonna do weird things for the next few days, I already know.....

September 7 - 30 DAY SHRED

Officially 30 days until the wedding, and i must shrink shrink shrink!

From here on out, 2x daily workouts, 2 OEP per day, tons of water, no carbs for lunch and dinner, with lots of protein shakes and daily multivitamins.

Starting weight: 257

Workout 1: 2.5 miles elliptical (lunchtime)
Workout 2: Firm it Up! (1 hr)