Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February 1st

What's happening this month?

-Biggest Loser Challenge (online and at work): $150 jackpot for the winner at work (actually my bff's job)

-short cruise to the Bahamas on March 8 (my first cruise ever!)

-Jillian Michaels February challenge (started on LHCF)

I have about 5 weeks to shed as much bloat and inches as possible for the cruise, and as many pounds as possible for the Biggest Loser Challenge, so what am I doing? It's back to the ole Impatient Dieter's plan for me! Meal-replacement shakes all day, then a sensible meal at night. I'm gonna try this at least Monday thru Friday. Monitoring my weight daily. Let's gooooooooo!


  1. Have fun on your cruise, I wish you could take me with you! I love a good challenge, they really help me stay motivated. I just joined a group and we are doing the Supreme 90 Day workout. I'm only on Day 2 but I'm super encouraged by the group. My "male suitor" (yes, I actually use that term until he becomes an official boo, lmao) and I are also supporting each other to workout. So I am feeling very positive that by summer we'll BOTH be looking and feeling flyy!

  2. Thank you girl! And good luck with your 90-day challenge! We are definitely gonna be smashing goals for the summer :)