Thursday, February 2, 2012

February 2nd

Weight: 249.4

8:30: Oxy Elite Pro, 8 ounces water

9:00: coffee with cream, meal replacement shake, 16 ounces water

11:00 16 ounces water

Since I didn't wake up and do my Jillian Michaels workout this morning, i brought my laptop to work with me so that i can do it on my lunchbreak in the gym. Today's workout: No More Trouble Zones

 1:00: No More Trouble Zones - MANNNNNNN this workout is TOUGHHHHHH. A little longer than i expexted, so i ended up coming back late from my break. But i lasted through the whole workout! 9Not without cheating and resting more than I should have), 16 ounces water

 2:30 Meal replacement shake

 4:30 Sun chips (210 calorie bag), 16 ounces water

7:30: can of tuna with mayo and relish, 12 ounces water

I didn't eat enough calories today. Will do better tomorrow!

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