Monday, February 6, 2012

Jillian Michaels Challenge....thoughts so far

Day 1: cardio
Day 2: No More Trouble Zones
Day 3: ---
Day 4: Yoga Meltdown
Day 5: ---
Day 6: 6-Week 6-Pack (level 1)

I'm trying out all the videos i purchased before i make a decision on what videos I want in heavy rotation. So far, NMTZ is hands down my favorite. It's tough, long, and sweaty, just how i like my workouts! I was sore EVERYWHERE, but particularly in the places I really want to tone: thighs, arms, and core! love love love it

Yoga Meltdown-Level 1
Saturday morning i did Yoga Meltdown, and was pleasantly surprised! I don't know why i was expecting a more mellow workout (this is Jillian Michaels for gosh sake)....It ended with me sweaty, breathless and shaky. i loooooved the more athletic take on traditional yoga moves. I'm not into "real" yoga, I find it boring and tedious. So Jillian's version is right up my alley, i get the strength of the poses and the benefits of the deep breathing and stretching, without all the new age-y music and language. I think this would be awesome on days between traditional strength and cardio workouts.

6-Week 6-Pack
I did this video this morning. In true Jillian fashion, she intersperses cardio spurts between the toning moves. Everything was core-focused, and I definitely broke a serious sweat, but by the end, when she says "Your abs should be on fire right now", they weren't ...I didn't really feel a huge burn in my core, I just felt tired and worn out. I actually felt more of a burn during the abs and core circuit on NMTZ. I still may do 6W6P sometimes for variety, but its not a favorite. Maybe i'll try level 2

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