Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February 7

weight: 247.1

(doesn't it always happen like that? after a night of horrible eating you're down 2 pounds, but then when you're virtuous all day and can't wait to step on the scale, you've gained. Weight loss is retarded.)

9:30: meal replacement shake, 16 ounces water

10:30 coffee with cream

1:00 Fiber one bar

3:00 meal replacement shake, 16 ounces water

(skipped my lunchtime workout :(....didnt want to, but my weave install somehow had morphed into a dead rodent on my head. I stood in the shower for my entire lunch break, detangling with a comb and an entire bottle of conditioner)

4:00 vending machine crap....small bag of chips and 3 cookies (270 calories worth of damage), 16 ounces water

6:00 16 ounces water

8:00 - Jillian Michaels "Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism" (1 hour): LAWDDD have mercy this video was hard! It is chock FULL of explosive jumping and plyometric moves like mountain climbers, jumping jacks, jumping squats, and burpees. Man oh MAN was i sweating. i hated every minute of it, which means it should DEFINITELY be a part of my regular rotation. If I did this video regularly, there's no way i could NOT lose fat. It was so intense and heart-pumping. i was expecting more strength moves, but it was primarily cardio, wich woul make it a good rotation with NMTZ, which is more strength-and-toning focused.

9:00 - jerk chicken (1/2 breast and a drumstick), white rice, black beans and string beans. small glass of red wine

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