Monday, August 29, 2011

My Goals

Ultimate Long Term weight goal: 179 (my high school weight)

Mini Goals:

October 8 (friend's wedding...I'm a bridesmaid-EEK!): 230

From now (Aug 29) until October 8th, i have exactly 6 weeks to lose 30 pounds. Yes, it is a lofty goal. But many people see losses of up to 25 lbs in 6 weeks from Slim in 6 alone. I'm adding a semi-liquid diet and fat-burning supplements to that, plus I'm starting at a very high weight, which means my body will release a lot of weight in the first few weeks. If you aim for the moon and miss, at least you'll land among the stars :)

October 31 (Halloween): 220

I'd like to shed 10 more pounds in the 3 weeks between the wedding and Halloween. It is my absolute FAVORITE time of the year and I take my costume and partying seriously! lol....I plan to be either Marie Antoinette or a Black Swan, and feeling chubby just won't do......

January 23 (girls' trip to Puerto Rico - must be bikini ready!): 197

This right here is the real goal. I'm going on a girls trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico at the end of january. I'm going with 3 girls who could very easily be video models (one of them actually IS one). Perfect bodies and beautiful faces.....I REFUSE to be the fat friend on this trip! I want to get down to a weight/size where I'd feel comfortable frolicking on the beach like everybody else!

May 27 (Memorial Day 2012): going back to Miami for Black Beach Week. Weight Goal: 179

Enough said!

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