Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December 3rd-4th

Now THIS is where it gets interesting. My (experimental) plan is to explore Carb Cycling, where I'm allowed to consume carbs freely one day out of the week (read posts below about the science behind it).

OK, that's all well and good....but Saturday AND Sunday suddenly turned into a flurry of Starbucks venti lattes, Auntie Annies pretzel bites and nibbles of calamari, stuffed mushrooms and ravioli at Maggiano's. Oh, and lets not forget the gallons of coke and sweet tea to wash it all down.

So basically this weekend was an EPIC FAIL in self-control. It ended with me feeling bloated and sluggish and actually READY to get back to low-carb and exercise. (so maybe it wasnt a total failure)

I still want to include the once-a-week cheat day. But this time I'm going to #1: make it ONE DAY ONLY and #2: really THINK about what I really want to eat and plan to have it. Instead of it being a spontaneous free-for-all that undoes all my hard work.

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