Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I Caved....

I told myself i wouldn't go the "fake food" route on my low carb journey...but some things i just gotta have, like something to eat for breakfast that IS. NOT. EGGS. I've NEVER been much of an egg person, so I gotta explore alternatives....

I bought some Carbmaster yogurts from Kroger. 4 carbs apiece. I had the carrot cake one this morning...NOT BAD at all! and it's a refreshing change from eggs (which i will still have often)

I also bought some sugar-free hazelnut coffeemate to put in my coffee along with the heavy whipping cream. I gotta have some type of flavor. I can't say that i'm in love with it, but i'm hoping it'll grow on me since i bought the BIG bottle. lol

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