Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Better Day today.....

Woke up and weighed myself (I know I shouldnt have since I just stepped on the scale yesterday), weighed in at 249.4....WOW! I feel much better. I hate that my mood is so dependent on my weight, but it is.....*kanye shrug*
Determined to have a better day today.....

breakfast: chicken biscuit, supplements, 16 oz water

coffee with cream, 16 oz water

1:30 - quickie workout (ran 1 mile - felt good!), light stretching, 16 oz water

2:00 - roasted chicken leg quarter, supplements, 16 oz water

coffee with cream

5:00 - 1/2 lettuce wrap sandwich with ham, provolone, and tomato, small bag chips

7:30 -  I met with a (HOT) personal trainer for a free first session last night. This negro took me thru:

-jumping jacks

-burpees (spawn of the devil)

-reverse lunges with a row

-more jumping jacks

-wall squats with a balance ball

-jump rope



-he strapped me to some medieval torture contraption that strapped resistance bands around my ankles and hands, and took me thru front punches and knee raises against the resistance. talk about burning abs!

-even more jumping jacks

-triceps dips

-old-fashioned situps

-straight leg lifts (abs), then 2 more sets of leg lifts with a balance ball between my legs (omgggggggg)


-double crunches

and then.......a WHOLE nother round of all of the above! I was DRIPPING in sweat and cussing. I've never worked out that hard, EVER. i would never be able to push myself as hard as he pushed me, therefore I'm committing to seeing him once a week from here on out. It helped give me the push i needed to power thru my solo workouts!

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