Monday, January 23, 2012

This is embarrassing. and infuriating.

What has been happening with me? I mean, I know whats been happening (slacking on workouts, eating horribly), but whats been really happening?
i weighed in at 253.4 this morning.


only 7 pounds away from where i started!!!

And its not like I havent been monitoring my weight. I've just watched it creep back up without taking serious action. Where did my motivation go? Why did i let this happen? I'm soooo mad I could cry. It took me months of sweat and determination to lose 22 pounds. and as of today, my net loss is 7 pounds.

7 POUNDS!!!!

I feel so big and bloated and above all, stupid. How did I gain back 15 pounds in a lil over a month. True, I'm premenstrual right now and a few of those pounds might not matter but I'm tired of using my monthly as an excuse when I've been reckless.

I don't even kno what else to really say at this point.

"I'm back on it today".....?

"I won't let this happen again"..........?

"I'm really gonna buckle down"..........?

I don't even know if I believe myself (or IN myself) anymore.


  1. I am right there with you chica, holidays came and I never got "back" on it. The point is that we still try. Most ppl who've lost weight have gained some of it back and think about could be HIGHER then when you started! Shake it off and get back on CAN do it!

    1. Thank you girl, you made a good point, i could have gained it ALL back and THEN some....i'm gonna pick my 7 pounds up and keep truckin!