Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Office Snacks.....yayyyyyy.

So my brand new coworker (Lord bless her soul), in an effort to make friends and break the ice, brought in a TON of terrible snacks to stock the breakroom with (a big 30 pack of bags of lays chips/doritos/cheetos) and a big box of snack crackers (the little 6-packs of crackers and cheese, or peanut butter)...then proceeded to stop at every cubicle and tell us all to help ourselves.

It really is a sweet gesture, but the LAST thing I need right now....at least the demon spawn snacks in the vending machine are protected behind a glass wall that demands money. NOW I gotta reach over delicious, salty and FREE chips and crackers to reach my no-longer-appealing healthy items.

yeah. not pretty.

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