Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September 27

Last week of September....I wanna make it a good one! I've got a costume party to go to this saturday night (the first of many)

On LHCF's Weekly Workout Challenge here, I signed up for 10 workouts this week! That means 2 a day every day, and maybe a bonus workout on Saturday before the party. I really wanna stick with it, I know i'll feel so proud by week's end!
I'm also planning to replace dinner with a protein shake after my pm workouts.

Monday: (lunchtime): 3 miles elliptical, tricep dips, lunges......(pm): Tone it Up

9:30: 300-calorie protein shake, activit multi


  1. I've been doing meal replacement protein shakes for breakfast lately. Sometimes dinner as well. I'm so not a morning person so I rarely make time for full breakfasts and this way at least I get something! Plus, I remember getting increased growth when I drink protein daily. I gotta step up my workout game though!

  2. YES! The protein shakes have my nails growing like crazy, so I know it must be doing great things for my hair.During the work week, i'm so indifferent about breakfast (could take it or leave it) so a protein shake is perfect.