Thursday, October 13, 2011

October 13 -

Skipped 30DS last night, went o bed early for some much needed rest.

Woke up at 248.2!! Yay! I've lost all the weight i regained (plus the period water weight), so now i can continue losing REAL weight :)

6:00 Slim n 6 Pack, 1 mile walk to the train station (I tried to do 30DS but my laptop kept spitting it out for some reason. I'll do it tonight)

9:00 protein shake

10:00 coffee with cream, 20 oz water

1:00 1 mile elliptical, 1 mile run, 20 oz water

2:00 baked chicken breast with skin, 1 cup corn, multi

3:30 20 oz water

5:00 protein shake w/coffee added

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