Monday, October 24, 2011

October 24

One week to go in October, and I'm stuck at 247. Not one pound lost last week, even though i worked out 2x per day 4 days in a row. Only 2 reasons why this could be:

-My diet needs to be cleaned up and monitored more closely.

-After a decade of yo-yoing, I've finally, officially, ruined my metabolism.

When i was in my early 20's, I could do a little cardio every couple days and loosely follow any random diet plan, with plenty of cheating, and still drop pounds easily.

I admit that I had some slipups last week, but I STILL dieted at least 75% of the time. And i still drank a ton of water and endured 8 sweaty, hard workouts. What gives?? I don't put in all of this effort to hover around 250. At this weight, the pounds should be freely falling off. If it takes this much work now, how much is it gonna take the closer i get to my goal weight?? Scary thought.

This is so unfair. I'm really discouraged and annoyed.

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