Wednesday, October 26, 2011

October 26

down half a pound to 247.0.....I'll take it! Especially after yesterday's sugar and sodium-filled day. Vowing to do better today :)

7:30 - 2 tbs chlorophyll, 8 oz water (something new I'm trying, for general health and internal body cleansing)

9:00 - packet oatmeal (130 calories), 2 tbs half n half (40 calories), multivitamin

10:00 coffee with 2 tbs creamer (70 calories), 1 tsp coconut oil (45 calories), 20 oz water

12:30 - uh oh. This is embarrassing to post but that's the point I guess. Went on another lunch date to Zaxby's....sigh....I could easily have gotten a grilled chicken sandwich or salad or something, but what did I get? The Wings n Things meal, complete with buttery texas toast and french fries. Well at least I drank water with it :-/ to (fearfully) check the calorie count.........
OMG.....I consumed 1490 calories. in one meal. Yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!

1:00 12 oz water

3:30 20 oz water

5:00 20 oz water, 8 oz hot tea

6:00 4 miles elliptical, 20 oz water

7:30: 20 oz water

TOTAL CALORIES: 1770 (not too shabby)

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